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Beautiful embeddable code blocks for your website or blog. Make adding code to your site straightforward and fast, leaving complex setups behind.

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  • Customization

    Themes, colors, fonts,
    and more

  • Multiple Tab View

    Switch between code blocks with simple tabbing

  • Embeddable

    Integrate code blocks in seconds

  • Starter Templates

    Favorite your CoBlox for easy duplication

  • Engagement Metrics

    Understand engagement
    at a glance

  • Organize with Folders

    Store and manage your CoBlox

Features That
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Unlock the full potential of your code with features designed for beauty, efficiency, and engagement.

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Multiple Tabs

Showcase your code with tabs

Unlock the true versatility of CoBlox with our Multiple Tab View feature, designed to effortlessly accommodate numerous code snippets and languages in a single, sleek interface.


Craft Your Code presentation

Choose themes, colors, and fonts with ease, ensuring your code blocks are in perfect harmony with your site’s aesthetic. Our design tools are designed for simplicity, offering you the ability to quickly tweak the appearance of your code.

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